Happy Valentine's Day, Sherlock

Jeremy Brett has to have given the most authentic rendition of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes that has ever been filmed. He captured the eccentricity, the intellect and playful humor that we love about Sherlock. He was also the most convincing violin player of the lot. As an actor, Jeremy gave his all. It is said that portraying Sherlock Holmes actually shortened his life, but he continued to do so even into his last days. 

Robert Downey, Jr. brilliantly portrays Sherlock's physicality. Written as a man of action, "an expert singlestick player, boxer and swordsman", these traits are often overlooked in deference to Sherlock's brooding intellect and rapscallion nature.  Robert captures those characteristics perfectly as well. His sense of humor and perfect timing are hard to beat.

Benedict Cumberbatch though, has to be my favorite Sherlock Holmes. For the past five years he's played the lead role in the award winning BBC Sherlock.  Updating Sherlock to contemporary times, the three seasons and the one off Victorian special are equivalent to ten ninety minute movies and are beautifully done. Filming for Sherlock's fourth season is scheduled to begin this year and be aired in 2017.

Based on his portrayal of Sherlock alone, I've spent many hours researching Benedict's career. I'm constantly amazed by his acting range as well as his personal character. Benedict seems to be a man for all seasons, equally at ease in a period piece, contemporary or futuristic setting. He's portrayed a diverse variety of people. Real people such as Van Gogh, Stephen Hawking and Alan Turing as well as fictional characters such as Sherlock and Star Trek's villain, Khan. I was delighted to see him play Hamlet onstage in London last fall. Bravo! Benedict always does his homework, finding that special key which will bring his character to life and resonate with the viewer as authentic. When interviewed, he speaks with intelligence about his filming projects and the roles he plays, yet with humility about his own contribution. Married now, his love for his wife and son are beautiful to witness. God Bless!